Art Installation

The challenge

Communicate the story of ENYA Restaurant to attract more customers.

The output

A constantly changing art installation on the restaurant facade, that tells the story of the origin and concept of the restaurant. (Enya means "Sun" In Pai Pai dialect).

Our ancestors came from where the sun rises.
- Pai Pai (Wilken, 1980)

The mural is a reflection of time passing, the viewer gives its own sense.

The Sun, being Nature’s main character in the city of Mexicali, Baja California, México, is the fountain of light that gives origin and develops ENYA’s essence thru shadows that emerge from the intersection of horizontal plates along the top of the wall. A story in constant change and evolution.

The mural gets a hold of the desert thru geo symbols form thy man tribe taking advantage of the main natural source of the region: the Sun

An invitation to observe and discover the origins of ENYA.

The process






Materials: Steel, Paint
Client: Enya - Restaurante y Bar