Balance @ recreo

Back in December 2022, "Balance" was the first edition of the initiative "recreo", an ongoing series of creative monthly workshops.

About recreo

Recreo (Spanish word for "recess"): Recess is a time of rest and entertainment. It is a pause that is made in the midst of obligations to relax and clear the mind. Breaking down and playing with the word "recreo":

Re: Respirar (Breathe)
Creo: Creer (Believe)
Creo: Crear (Create)

A moment to breathe, believe and create through magical, multisensorial and meaningful experiences to unlock and connect with our own creative power.

An opportunity to open your heart and mind, and observe, acknowledge and reflect on your most authentic self and create the life that your heart longs for.

Art and Meditation: A magical combination

Through a guided meditation practice and intuitive collage as tools to connect through love with the 5 elements; water, fire, wind, earth and ether, and observe, acknowledge and celebrate balance.

Reflection on Balance

Designing and offering a workshop is like creating a container. But a container will be pointless without holding something. A workshop would be pointless without all the participants bringing together their unique experience and perspectives. Each workshop is magical.

May 2023 be full of moments in which we can connect with ourselves and allow ourselves to feel everything. The balance is the duality, in celebrating all those shades in between.

Life is not linear, nor is balance. That is why the importance of returning to ourselves through breathing and connect with our inner Elements to check on how we are and what we need at that present moment. It will look different for everyone. Each season or stage of your life will also look different, and that's perfect!

This will lead us to explore different perspectives, forms and practices that allow us to be our most authentic self and that is our gift to the world. And by putting that version to service, we create a balance in giving and receiving and create an exponential change in our community.

May 2023 be full of what makes you happy, ignites your curiosity, fuels you, makes you feel like a kid and gives you energy. Also, with the unconfortable that pushes you to find a new balance. Always trusting that here and now is the perfect balance point where you can be.