I like to think that how we do anything is how we do everything. We perceive the world in layers. Throughout our lives, we have experiences that our unconscious stores creating our unique story, those experiences at the same time share certain layers among beings of the same species - creating a collective unconscious.

As creative stories unfold throughout my life, a constant among those layers has always been exploring light and shadow, and has manifested itself in many mediums: on a spiritual level, artistic installations, learning materials, workshops, games, art, emotions... There is a surprise factor everytime some new connection unfolds.

In 2020, I discovered the world of Cyanotypes and I felt a strong and natural connection, that was the beggining of @solarioazul .

Playing with the sun makes me more sensitive to observe, be patient, accept that everything has its time, celebrate natural beauty, create, be present and surprise myself. Between the layers of light and shadow there's a whole new world to unfold.

I am excited by the idea of ​​traveling the world observing, feeling, collecting, documenting, creating and celebrating the particularity of each place, person or special moment, and transforming it into anything that often leads to everything.